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On Why I Should Remember My Agenda

It finally happened. I knew it would happen at some point but it finally happened. I was so busy thinking about my 3D animation final and an analysis paper that I completely forgot about a budget sheet that's due tomorrow for another class. Here's the sad part: I didn't even know it had a due date that came before the class's final day! But let's be fair, I've remembered everything else I had to do up until now, right?

Huh. Come to think of it, I was using an agenda until recently. As to why I stopped, I really don't know.

But it's ok, I'm working on it now (well right now I'm taking a much needed break from all of the numbers) and I should have it done in time if I can manage to put together a decent plan. However, like all last minute things some things always go wrong. Since I don't have Excel I have to use Google Spreadsheet. It works pretty well for my uses but for some reason the formulas started misbehaving. I was already in version 3 before I noticed that the values were not updating. >_< They seem to be working fine now though so hopefully I won't have any more problems. So yeah, I can finish this. No problem. I shall now defer to the accurate depiction of one of my favorite memes: