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May 7th, 2012

(Sort of) Dead End Research

I have to do a key personality paper for my History of Videogames class in which the prof. requires that at least one of the sources come from an actual book. Ok, that's not too bad. What I can't understand is why I couldn't find a relevant book from my city library. Honestly? The library doesn't have a book about on the founder of Atari games? The I find that a little strange. I guess I'll just use the school's database to search for an article that came from a magazine/journal or something but I really would have liked to have an actual book. To be fair I did find one but it's about Atari's history but the focus of the paper is supposed to be the founder. I probably won't be able to start on this weekend anyway. Gah, too much stuff to do is overloading my brain. >_< That's unfortunately the dilemma of many a college student I'm sure.