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Almost at Week's End

More like almost at wit's end. I should recount the things I have to do...

Gaming History -- Study for quiz *sigh*
Animation -- Fix character poses (always tricky)
Virtual Worlds & Online Communities - Read up on Blizzard, youtube some game examples, research
Deep Games -- Make a rules sheet, check up on post assessment (gotta love Google docs)
Other -- enroll in fall classes, finish reading library books (the stack is getting shorter), finish playing professor layton, finish playing FF Revenant Wings, borrow Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded from my prof., give the brain cells a break at some point

I should write about more than homework in here. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing "Dark Shadows" when it gets into theaters. My mom enlightened me to the fact that it was once a long running soap opera a while back. I don't really watch soap operas... but the movie's by Tim Burton! Plus it's got a good cast in it. I'm also going to see if I can get Fullmetal Alchemist from the library when I get a chance. It's really awesome when your school lets you borrow anime (or lets you borrow it from a different school).

By the way, I was watching "The Money Pit" the other day and found the PERFECT reference for a nervous breakdown. It starts around 2:12.


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