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Procrastination Chart

I love reading books from this author named Ilona Andrews, so I subscribed to her mailing list. She sent out a rather funny picture in her blog post.... This effectively sums up several of my school quarters. >_<

Panic Cycle

Almost at Week's End

More like almost at wit's end. I should recount the things I have to do...

Gaming History -- Study for quiz *sigh*
Animation -- Fix character poses (always tricky)
Virtual Worlds & Online Communities - Read up on Blizzard, youtube some game examples, research
Deep Games -- Make a rules sheet, check up on post assessment (gotta love Google docs)
Other -- enroll in fall classes, finish reading library books (the stack is getting shorter), finish playing professor layton, finish playing FF Revenant Wings, borrow Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded from my prof., give the brain cells a break at some point

I should write about more than homework in here. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing "Dark Shadows" when it gets into theaters. My mom enlightened me to the fact that it was once a long running soap opera a while back. I don't really watch soap operas... but the movie's by Tim Burton! Plus it's got a good cast in it. I'm also going to see if I can get Fullmetal Alchemist from the library when I get a chance. It's really awesome when your school lets you borrow anime (or lets you borrow it from a different school).

By the way, I was watching "The Money Pit" the other day and found the PERFECT reference for a nervous breakdown. It starts around 2:12.

Writer's Block: Hobby Lobby

What do you like to collect?

There's several things.... keychains (my bookbag had around 11 of them at one point), bookmarks, rocks (like quartz & obsidian), erasers, interesting coins, books, games, trading cards, and stickers.

Goshdarned allergies....

It's terrible doing alot of typing when you're sneezing. I can see it now... an evil coalition of dust bunnies. My only hope is that the "allergy forecast" is as inaccurate as the weather forecast. Seriously, for once can it rain when I actually have my umbrella?! :(



I decided to try to post more and get involved... lurkerdom is okay on some occasions but I feel like I need to get out there lol. Since I'm new here it's a bit hard to get started. I found some nice anime icons a while ago that cheered me up though.


Homework, homework.....

Just writing a quick entry since I really don't have anything here yet.... my class recently had us explore this Disney mmo called Toontown. It was alot more fun than I thought it would be. Playing games for points, teaming up with other players; I'm into that kind of stuff. Although I STILL think that mini game where you had to have your avatar land in a pool of water was rigged. It actually makes me feel kind of silly since the games are supposed to be really easy.... My slow connection wasn't helping things either. Unless maybe it was because of lag time due to all the users?

I still have to worry about this handrig animation I have to turn in. Animating is actually kind of fun but it gets a little frustrating when you've been stuck on the same set of keyframes. I've already got glasses, staring at the computer screen for so long can't be good for my eyes on top of all the reading assignments I get. On the bright side, the prof always shows us a mini animation before class starts. ^_^ One of the movies she showed the class was "Lady and the Reaper." It's quite good if anyone wants to see it and laugh.